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Office Visit

Come visit us at Flora Fauna Wellness, 1500 Adams Ave. #206, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. We are open from 9am to 9pm, by appointment only. Book your appointment now!

In Home Massage

Unwind after a long workday with an in-home massage between 3pm and 6pm Monday through Friday and get $20 off during our happy hour.

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Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy can be exhausting and cause mood swings, aches, and pains. A prenatal massage can restore your energy, improve your mood, and ease discomfort. Experience a deep state of relaxation and consider a prenatal massage today.

Hot Stone Massage

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our hot stone therapy. The warm stones create a soothing sensation that touches your soul, making you feel completely at ease. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience – book your appointment now!

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Spa Party

Add some excitement and relaxation to your next special occasion with a spa party! Perfect for any celebration or gathering with loved ones, book now and indulge in a day of pampering and fun.

Couples Massage

It’s common to feel overwhelmed when life gets busy. Sometimes, you may feel disconnected from your partner due to your busy schedule. Spending quality time with each other and getting a couples massage can help you hit the reset button.

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Chair Massage

Revitalize your office’s energy and productivity with on-site chair massages. Don’t let stress and tension affect your team’s performance. Book now to give your hardworking employees a much-needed break.


Back pain? Stress? Chronic back pain? Insomnia? Whatever’s been bugging you lately, there’s a good chance that having a massage will help.

Here are just some of the many benefits of regular massage therapy:

Reduction in Stress

With research showing that more Americans are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression than ever before, now is the perfect time to commit to regular massage therapy.

Not only does massage therapy relieve stress by activating your body’s parasympathetic nervous system, it also increases the production of endorphins—your body’s natural “feel good” chemicals—making massage therapy a safe and effective antidepressant.

Improved Posture

These days, a lot of us spend too much time slouching, whether we realize it or not—it’s far too easy when you’re chilling in front of the T.V. or working in front of a computer screen to forget to check your posture!

However, bad posture in turn leads to tension in the back and neck, which is no fun at all.

Luckily, massage therapy can reset your body by easing any tension in your muscles. Your body will naturally reposition itself in an improved, relaxed position.

Decreased Chronic Pain

Many people face pain on a daily basis due to illness or injury, but with regular massage, you can reduce the amount of pain felt as well as correct the conditions that cause pain in the first place.

Massage is especially excellent for those suffering from either migraine headaches or arthritis. Research shows that migraine sufferers receiving massage therapy have fewer and less intense headaches, while those with arthritis report that their pain and stiffness is reduced, and they have improved range of motion in their joints.

Enhanced Athletic Recovery and Performance

From a twisted ankle to tender knees to sore, achy muscles, massage therapy is the perfect solution for you if you’re recovering from a sports injury, whether you’re a pro athlete or you’re new to the world of exercise.

This is because massage therapy helps relax muscles, promotes tissue regeneration, reduces spasms and cramping, boosts energy, and helps speed up the healing of soft tissue injuries.

In fact, massage therapy can even help you improve your performance, as with regular massage you achieve greater range of motion and improved flexibility.

a More Effective Immune System

Recent studies suggest that regular massage can help the body’s immune system by increasing the activity level of the body’s white blood cells, the same cells that work hard to combat viruses.

So, kick pesky colds and flu by making massage therapy part of your regular routine!

Better Sleep

Getting enough good quality sleep is essential to your health and well-being, and regular massage can really help with that.

Massage aids relaxation, and a relaxed body and mind = a restored sleep pattern. Perfect!

Here's what my amazing customers said!


Frances T.
Frances T.
Cedric is the realist. I’m hella pregnant and my husband kept telling me to book him for a massage so I FINALLY did and wowwwww. I’ve only ever gotten a handful of massages in my life and am super ticklish so not only am I not super comfortable with massages, but I’m also like a beached whale at 38 weeks preg. Anyway it was super easy to book, he was so friendly/professional and made me feel super comfortable, AND he is incredible at what he does. Extremely professional, took any feedback I had, and was totally game to deal with a mega pregnant lady rolling around. And was down to answer the random nosy person Qs I had in the middle of the massage. 10/10 do it.
Mia M.
Mia M.
Oh my goodness gracious. I don’t really review places up bc idc, but this was HANDS DOWN the best massage I’ve ever had. The parking was super easy and convenient, the studio was very clean and aesthetically pleasing. Cedric is extremely professional and made me feel comfortable, I’m used to big chain massage establishments and this was my first time going to a smaller place so I was a little nervous, but I’m SO HAPPY I gave it a shot. The pressure of the massage itself was perfect and he asks if u need concentration on anything specific which is great if you’re too shy to ask like me lol 10/10 recommendation 100% will be back very soon!
Joanna D.
Joanna D.
Cedric has been my primary MT for over a decade now. He has helped me overcome sciatica pain, muscle soreness, and migraines. I love that he offers mobile massage so I can enjoy from the comfort of my home. He is my go-to for special occasion (anniversaries, Valentine’s Day) couples massages and always has an amazing therapist to recommend making the overall experience for both of us a great one. Thanks Cedric for always being available for me over the years!
Kat L.
Kat L.
Cedric was kind enough to take me for another last minute appointment when I let him know I was experiencing some back pain in the form of a spasm. I booked a 90 minute massage and we discussed what was going on. He started off with some stretches before the massage that was already giving me some relief. During the massage, he was able to give me some pointers and stretches that I could do at home to mitigate the back pain. Truthfully, one day after the massage, it felt like I didn’t even have a back spasm the day before, when my last back spasm lasted over a week. Thank you Cedric!
Valerie A. O.
Valerie A. O.
Cedric is the most talented and healing massage therapist I’ve ever encountered. He is extremely knowledgeable, listens well, and always delivers the best massage you can imagine. He’s very professional and is a great business person. Once you experience Cedric’s massage process you’ll never go elsewhere.!
Scott G.
Scott G.
Cedric responded quickly when I had a back problem before a trip. He was professional, very skilled, and helped me feel better. I would recommend him highly.
Avery S.
Avery S.
Cedric was very accommodating and attentive. The massage was 10/10. Highly recommend.
Honeybunches L.
Honeybunches L.
Cedric is an amazing massage therapist. We have been using his services for almost two years. My wife and I have him come to our home twice a month. My wife and I are completely different in the type of massage we like. I like deep tissue and she prefers a much lighter touch. He really knows his craft. he helps me with stretching as I have a lot of arthritis in my body. We can’t say enough good things about Cedrick He is very punctual for his in home massages. He is very pleasant and nice to deal with.
Brian E.
Brian E.
Cedric is very professional and skilled at his craft. I searched for quite a while after my previous masseuse retired and I am sure glad I have found him. Being older, active and athletic, massage is an important modality to include in my health protocols.
Amy B.
Amy B.
Cedric is so great! He focused his attention on where I needed it the most and gave me advice on what I can do at home for my problem areas. I will definitely be back on the regular.